9mobile Prize for Innovation

2016 winners


Winner Idea Category

Tobilola Ajibola

Idea: Dresses By Aloli is a proudly Nigerian online custom clothing line for women that exists to solve the clothing needs of the upwardly mobile and fashionable woman of ages 13 - 65, who desires chic, stylish and well fitting clothes with clean finishings that are very affordable.Dresses By Aloli offers an unlimited range of chic and elegant clothing on its online platform for women who desire a stylish and functional wardrobe but have little time to shop.

Tobilola Ajibola is a resourceful and creative dressmaker that is intent on solving the clothing needs of women by stitching technology with fashion and providing an engaging and exciting online platform that enables women access stylish and affordable luxurious clothing with ease. She was taught hand sewing by her mother at a very young age, and at 13yrs, she created her first all hand sewn collection that included a halter blouse, a tank top, a skirt and a Capri pant, all sewn using her mom's old Ankara head ties. She later studied Biochemistry, served and worked in Quality Control before she moved to fashion.


Winner Product Category

Adegoke Olubusi

Product: OneMedical is an advanced digital health records platform designed specifically for Nigeria. It's highly user-friendly, cloud-based and works on any device including a dedicated android app. Hospitals sign up for free and patients pay a small fee of N500 to create their file.

Adegoke Olubusi is one of Africa’s most innovative entrepreneurs. As an engineer, he has years of experience working with global organizations such as eBay, PayPal and Goldman Sachs. His penchant for building innovative products has landed him multiple awards from Chevron, Northrop Grumman, Maryland State, Lockheed Martin and others. Adegoke served on the founding team for Yookos (Africa’s leading social network with over 50 million users) and remains at the forefront of technological disruptions across the continent.

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