9mobile Prize for Innovation

Rewarding innovation in mobile broadband

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9mobile Prize for Innovation

9mobile Prize for Innovation

9mobile Prize for innovation rewards product, services or ideas that promote mobile broadband usage in Nigeria

Broadband is primarily mobile across Nigeria and critical to our economic development. A rise of ten mobile phones per 100 people boosts GDP growth by 0.6%, resulting in improved market information flow and assisting SME’s and Entrepreneurs to grow business and improve links.

Now in its fifth year, the Prize is awarded in two categories; the most innovative product or service launched in the last 12 months and the most innovative idea. Entries will need to show demonstrable impact (or potential impact for an idea) on broadband usage, impressive uptake from customers and have made a visible commercial or social impact on the community for the launched product/service.

Existing product or service (launched in the last 12 months)

The most innovative product or service launched in the past 12 months that is commercially available

Innovative idea (SME or individual)

The most innovative idea for driving or facilitating mobile broadband use in Nigeria.

2016 Top 10

2Adefunke Talabi: is the CEO of City Hires; Nigeria’s Premier Video Resume Portal. She holds a Masters degree in Business Information Technology Systems from the University Of Strathclyde Glasgow.

She has been working as a technical support manager for the past 6 years both in Scotland and Nigeria. After close interaction with human resources department of various firms she worked for as a manager; she identified many flaws which could be rectified in the recruitment industry leading to the design and creation of City Hires portal.

Product: City Hires is Nigeria's Premier Video Resume Portal. It is the first video recruitment portal launched in 2015, that provides the recruiter an all in one solution; profiles of qualified candidates with resumes and also with pre-recorded video resumes reducing time wasting in sorting for the right candidate and giving job hunters the platform to audition for the role.

1Adegoke Olubusi - CEO/Head of Product
is one of Africa’s most innovative entrepreneurs. As an engineer, he has years
of experience working with global organizations such as eBay, PayPal and Goldman Sachs. His penchant for building innovative products has landed him multiple awards from Chevron, Northrop Grumman, Maryland State, Lockheed Martin and others.

Adegoke served on the founding team for Yookos (Africa’s leading social network with over 50 million users) and remains at the forefront of technological disruptions across the continent.

Product :
 OneMedical is an advanced digital health records platform designed specifically for Nigeria. It's highly user-friendly, cloud-based and works on any device including a dedicated android app. Hospitals sign up for free and patients pay a small fee of N500 to create their file.

10GIDEON Emmanuel : My life is a confluence of various extreme passions: Technology and building. For me, technology has become a fundamental part of life. I am a child of the web and an ambassador of the future. I like to build stuff. I am 21 years old. I am currently in my final year in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I study History and International Studies. I am from Ohafia Local Government in Abia State, Nigeria. Currently I have some web projects under my sleeves. I code and build mobile and web apps from ground up. I have my eyes on reinventing the usage of technology in Africa. I wish to open portals of technological capabilities never before imagined. Idea: SmartOffice is an innovation that promises to disrupt digital collaboration, learning and communication. We will provide a collection of online conferencing and collaboration tools to the tip of users. Leveraging on the platform of Mobile broadband, a virtual office delivered on mobile and web platforms will be made available to users. VirtualOffice is introducing a new concept of "Web Cells".

3Francis Eluaka was born on June 6 1991. ‎I grew up in Lagos, Abia and Delta States.
I attended Abia State University, Uturu. I am a qualified Legal Practitioner. I am currently observing my mandatory one year National Youth Service in Asaba, Delta State.

 Looking ahead, we look to make improvements to our innovation of the Juris Court Reporting Software. We dream of a software that can produce transcripts of what is said in court from a speech-to-text format. This wouldn't matter whether the judge, lawyer, or witness has an Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba accent.

4Michael (Buchi) Onuorah is a creative entrepreneur that is passionate about building functional products that are aesthetically pleasing and user driven. He is a self taught designer, illustrator and developer and has spear headed creative teams for agencies working with leading brands like Kelloggs, Pringles, Dettol, and LG.

He obtained a Bachelor's degree in mass communication from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. He currently lives in Lagos with his laptop and Wacom tablet with which he co-founded his two dream companies Paddler.io and Nibule.com. 

Product : Nibule is an online illustration engine, and content generation and curation platform. It enables users, content creators, and digital marketers easily and swiftly build custom illustrations to express their ideas without any prerequisite drawing skills.

5OLIVE – OKAFOR OKWUNNA Ndudi Studied Electrical/ Electronics Engineering at FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, OWERRI. Skilled in JAVA, C#, WEB/ Mobile application development, Embedded systems development and IoT(internet of things) designer.

Idea: SmartGuard is a smart and affordable intruder alert and fire alarm detector which can detect presence of intruders in a closed room, shop or office and send immediate notification via calls, SMS and internet enabled notification to a mobile app from which further action can be taken such as sounding a loud siren to scare away the intruders or contacting the nearest security agents within the area. (in the absence of a smart pone, simple SMS commands could also be used). this embedded device is designed to be very small and affordable for both individuals and corporate use.

6Peter Oriabure is a Research Consultant and an Entrepreneur. He is passionate about bridging the gap in the agriculture value-chain in Nigeria by providing consultancy services for Small holder farmers, Exporters, Millers, Agro-allied Processors, Retail Chain Stores etc. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Mathematics from Ambrose Alli University and a Master’s degree in International Management from the University of Calabar.

He is the Founder of Farmintell, a platform that quickly links farmers to buyers of farm produce. The platform also provides other agriculture extension services for farmers. He has over 12 years experience.

Idea: Farmintell is a cloud based agricultural commodity exchange platform that allows small holder farmers to sell their produce to agro commodity merchants, millers, manufacturers, retail shops, exporters and industrial end users with the use of mobile devices. This online platform will enable farmers place their produce in an accredited warehouse in different parts of the country where they will be issued an electronic receipt stating commodity type, quality and quantity of produce and the name of the farmer/seller.

9Samwul Datong: I'm a technology enthusiast and I professionally build web applications.
I'm passionate about using technology in innovative ways to solve the various challenges we face here in Nigeria and Africa at large.

During my masters in the UK, I launched a startup with two other classmates called Huskr which provided deals and discounts targeted at students. We got into an accelerator and ran the business for 6 months but had to shut it down as we were not able to scale. However, we learned valuable lessons about running a business.

Product: Recit (https://www.recit.com.ng) is a free invoicing platform that targets tech savvy sole entrepreneurs and small businesses. It enables them send e-receipts to their customers email addresses as a way of acknowledging a sale. The sales data supplied to send the e-receipt is also recorded to help the business keep proper records of their sales

7Tobilola Ajibola is a resourceful and creative dressmaker that is intent on solving the clothing needs of women by stitching technology with fashion and providing an engaging and exciting online platform that enables women access stylish and affordable luxurious clothing with ease.
She was taught hand sewing by her mother at a very young age, and at 13yrs, she created her first all hand sewn collection that included a halter blouse, a tank top, a skirt and a Capri pant, all sewn using her mom's old Ankara head ties.
She later studied Biochemistry, served and worked in Quality Control before she moved to fashion.

Idea: Dresses By Aloli is a proudly Nigerian online custom clothing line for women that exists to solve the clothing needs of the upwardly mobile and fashionable woman of ages 13 - 65, who desires chic, stylish and well fitting clothes with clean finishings that are very affordable.Dresses By Aloli offers an unlimited range of chic and elegant clothing on its online platform for women who desire a stylish and functional wardrobe but have little time to shop.

8Ugochukwu Nwosu joined Tivas Group in July 2014 as the Business Manager of GetJama. Ugo is currently driving the development and market introduction of Jama – A solution that combines web and mobile applications to provide real-time market data to enable organisations make informed decisions.

Ugo spent 2 years at The Rockefeller Foundation leading the West Africa regional engagements. In his role as Stakeholder Development Officer, he was responsible for the implementation of Digital Jobs Africa in Nigeria and Ghana by engaging with stakeholders from private sector, government and civil society while optimizing opportunities for the Foundation to build its profile as important stakeholder in the youth employment space. 

Product: Getjama is a market data gathering solution poised to unlock real time and authentic data verified by human intelligence. We see unlocking data as the veritable tool to help organizations build business intelligence, while encouraging financial inclusion in Nigeria. Our growth plan will thrive on a balanced reward for all parties; e-workers earn for every submission, Clients get authentic information, partners earn commission for sales and businesses grow through intelligence

Past winners

OneMedical is an advanced digital health records platform designed specifically for Nigeria.  by Adegoke Olubusi

Adegoke Olubusi | 2016

Dresses By Aloli is a proudly Nigerian online custom clothing line for women.  by Tobilola Ajibola

Tobilola Ajibola | 2016

Olaseni Odebiyi /2012

Olaseni Odebiyi | 2012

i-Connect Project by Oyehmi Begho

Oyehmi Begho | 2012

Studylab Maths by Obi Brown

Obi Brown | 2015

Dedicated Traffic Mapping Device by Chijioke Ezegbo

Chijioke Ezegbo | 2015

Exammate by Anthony Oniwon

Anthony Oniwon | 2014

IMID Mobile Application by Abdulganiyu Onabanjo

Abdulganiyu Onabanjo | 2014

Genni Games by Adebayo Adegbembo 2013

Adebayo Adegbembo | 2013

Efiwe Mobile Application by Uche Okocha

Uche Okocha | 2013

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